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Day 23


An open letter to YooChun

Dear YooChun,

YooChun, Park YooChun, Micky YooChun, Chunface, TrollChun…you go by many names but i will forever call you Chunnie, YooChun Oppa…my star, my heart, my soul. My love for you is great but i know i’m only a fan to you. But there is more to a fans love that i have for you. I respect you as well. I respect how you take care of the other members, i respect how you try new things even though you think you might fail at it, i respect how you pour your emotions into every song you sing, every lyric you write, ever note you play on the piano. YooChun if i could have been your friend in some other life, or ,if i was lucky, your girlfriend i would never let you go. You are too precious of a person to ever leave, throw away, or betray. You always bring a smile to my face whenever i’m down. Make me laugh when i thought i will never laugh again. Your deep soothing husky voice always calms me down whenever i’m mad, and let’s me drift away to somewhere else where there is no pain, or sorrow, just bliss and peace.

So remember well YooChun i’m not the only fan that you have changed the life of. There are many more like me who cheer you on whether it be from the sidelines, at your concerts, or through their TVs and computers. Those of us to have been lucky enough to discover and be changed by someone like you. So keep strong, be happy, and never change who you are.


a loyal Cassie who will always support you,


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