I'm a hardcore Cassiopeia, and a part time ELF, a loving VIP, a new Shinhwa Changjo, and watchful BlackJack & Baby. But i will mainly post DB5K, JYJ, or HoMin things.

I'm a hardcore SoulMate/JaeChun Shipper and my ultimate bias is YooChun.

I am already following many people so if you expect me to follow you back...i have to really REALLY like your blog. I'm sorry I would love to follow all of you, but i would just get too many repeats on my dash and it would be a pain to get through all of it.

95% of my blog is DBSK
2% is my Macros
1% is other kpop bands
1% is other non-kpop fandoms i'm part of
1% is random
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I mostly reblog but i do post my own things sometimes and macros when i find one to do.



Honestly there’s no feelings of hatred. I wish sincerely everyone happiness.

Yoochun (about Yunho/Changmin/JYJ)

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if bts comes out with a 19+ concept mv can jungkook watch it

He’s gonna film it with his eyes closed


first it’s this

then this happens

this concert is too great why am i not there?