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I know i said that i was going to be off tumblr till after my final exams in early May but i just could NOT post something about this MOMENTOUS event!

Can i just start off that when i first saw this video…I COULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT I WAS SEEING! Like seriously i thought my mind was playing some SICK trick on me. But the more times i watched the video, the happier and excited i became!

How long has it been since these two probably saw each other? 3 Years? 4 Years?

Among the Super Junior members HanGeng was VERY close to two of the members. Kim HeeChul and Choi SiWon.

Both these two amazing men helped this very special Fried Rice through SME’s bullshit as best they could. And seeing SiWon and HanGeng being able to SEE each other again and NOT be cockblocked by SME as they usually try to do with anyone that files a lawsuit at them *coughjyjcoughhomincough* makes me so happy! What if this is a change? What if we start seeing MORE of the members visit HanGeng in China? Or HanGeng goes to Korea and visits Super Junior? What if HeeChul goes to one of HanGeng’s concerts to meet him?

There are SO MANY possibilities with this one MOMENT.

My mind is currently racing with idea and possibilities but the BIGGEST one that keep flashing into my mind. One of the JYJ members seeing one of the HoMin members. I know you’re probably wondering what does that have to do with this at all. Because JYJ and HanGeng filed very similar lawsuits the same year and left SME only a few months apart from each other. Both situations are very similar: they were both mistreated (though there are times i think HanGeng was mistreated the worse since he is Chinese and not Korean at all), filed a lawsuit to leave the company and in the end that meant leaving their respective bands.

Both had to leave their members, their friends, and overall their brother, that have been with them through thick and thin through the past half a decade for YooChun, JaeJoong, and JunSu, and 3 years for HanGeng (and i’m not even counting their trainee years).

What i’m trying to say is this video not only gave us a shit tun of feels a lot of excitement and happiness. But maybe a smidge of hope that DBSK and Super Junior might be able to talk to ALL the members again. Talk things out, get past the awkward stage that they haven’t seen each other in years (like HanGeng and SiWon most likely went through), and go back to being friends again. And if we get a miracle. We might see 13 angels and 5 gods on stage again.

"We will all be together one day.

Time will heal all.” -Kim JaeJoong

And no matter what ANYONE says, i believe his words, and i believe that maybe it can be true for Super Junior as well.

Although i will always be a Cassie first and my heart bleeds Pearl Red. I will always be an ELF as well, and my heart will bleed Sapphire Blue along with Pearl Red.

I’m sorry that this turned into a long rant a very confusing one as well. But i had to get this out of my head before i went to sleep.

prom15e to 13elieve


Temporary Hiatus

As you guys have probably noticed i haven’t been posting much these last few months. This semester has really been hectic for me and i had to stop going on tumblr so that i wouldn’t get distracted by it. I’m sorry to all my followers old and new. I’ll probably be back in full swing in the summer around May 3rd…aka my birthday :p (hopefully) until then enjoy all the other blogs on tumblr~ I will post when i can. Until then

I’m on a temporary hiatus!

Kdrama lovers when they try to get their friends or family members to watch a Kdrama with them.
Idk I just had the idea and went with it. This is the best i could do with it! It works! Kinda XP

Kdrama lovers when they try to get their friends or family members to watch a Kdrama with them.

Idk I just had the idea and went with it. This is the best i could do with it! It works! Kinda XP


20 Asian Actresses on Major U.S. Cable Network Shows

Arden Cho (Korean) as Kira Yukimura on Teen Wolf 

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Korean) as Lily Tucker-Pritchett on Modern Family

Archie Panjabi (Sindhi) as Kalinda Sharma on The Good Wife

Chloe Bennet (Chinese and Jewish) as Skye on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Grace Park (Korean) as Kono Kalakaua on Hawaii Five-0

Hannah Simone (Indian and German/Italian/Greek) as Cece Parekh on New Girl

Jamie Chung (Korean) as Mulan on Once Upon a Time

Jenna Ushkowitz (Korean) as Tina Cohen-Chang on Glee

Jessica Lu (Chinese and Japanese) as Ming Huang on Awkward.

Maggie Q (Vietnamese and Irish/Polish) as Nikita on Nikita

Michaela Conlin (Chinese and Irish) as Angela Montenegro on Bones

Mindy Kaling (Tamil and Bengali) as Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project

Ming-Na Wen (Chinese) as Melinda May on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Parminder Nagra (Indian) as Meera Malik on The Blacklist

Reshma Shetty (Indian) as Divya Katdare on Royal Pains

Sandra Oh (Korean) as Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy

Shay Mitchell (Filipina and Scottish/Irish) as Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars

Tania Gunadi (Indonesian) as Private Park on Enlisted

Yunjin Kim (Korean) as Karen Kim on Mistresses 

This was made in response to an anon we recently got who asked,

(Image reads - anonymous asked wocinsolidarity: We all know Lucy Liu is an industry favorite but do you know of any other Eastern Asia (or Asia in general) woc actresses?)

So rather then do a laundry list, I thought it would be cool to compile a photoset of someof the Asian actresses currently on television shows that aren’t Lucy Liu (though we do love us some Joan Watson). I asked around, and made this list based on my own TV watching and suggestions from people I know. So A) I don’t actually know if all of these shows are good or not and B) if one of your faves is missing it wasn’t done maliciously. 

*Disclaimers: All images used were found on Google. We do not own or claim to own any of these photos. All information about ethnic identity was found from Wikipedia, so let us know if anything is incorrect! 

Also: Sorry for how bad the quality of the photoset is.